Projector screen knowledge & Suggestions !

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The size of the projector’s projection screen we often say is actually the length of the screen diagonal, in inches.
Calculate the width formula of the projection screen: screen width (m) = screen size (inches) x 0.0254 m / inch x 0.8 = screen size ÷ 50.

Calculate the length of the projection screen formula: screen height (m) = screen size (inches) x 0.0254 m / inch x 0.6 = screen size ÷ 66.

The figure below shows the width and height of the projector screen, W is the width, and H is the height. Among them, the diagonal is 150 inches, the width is about 3.0 meters * 2.4 meters; the diagonal is 200 inches, the width is about 4.2 meters * 3.2 meters; the diagonal is 180 inches, the width is about 3.6 meters * 2.6 meters.


How large is the screen used in home projectors?
1.100 and 120 inches are the size of the current mainstream home projector screen. The projected area of ​​the 100-inch screen is 2.21*1.25 meters, and the actual projection size of the 120-inch screen is 2.65 meters x 1.5 meters. 2.Of course, some people like the bigger the curtain, the better, so you can customize the larger projector screen according to the installation environment. 3.It is necessary to consider from the projector whether the home projector throws the size in space.


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Is the projection screen 4:3 or 16:9?
It depends mainly on what you look at. If you only want to watch movies, the screen size of your home projector is preferably 16:9. If you want to watch TV and want to go online and want to play games, it is best to use 4:3.

How many inches does the living room projection ? What projector to choose?Whether the projector is placed in the living room or in the audio-visual room, the influence of the projection distance on the screen size cannot be ignored. Since the projection ratio of each projector is different, be sure to read the manual before installing the projector, and install the projector according to the projection distance comparison table in the manual, or calculate it according to the projection ratio parameter.

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