How To Project Netflix Movies On The Wall

Gone are the days when you required a large CD or DVD collection for watching your movies. The advent of streaming services has made it easier to watch your favorite movies whenever and wherever you like. These streaming services host movies and TV shows on their websites. Users can watch them on the websites of the streaming service providers by opting for monthly or yearly subscription plans for a small fee. They can access the movies and TV shows by logging into their accounts via mobile devices or computers using an internet connection. It allows you the freedom of watching your favorite movies and TV shows at home, while commuting to work or even on vacation.

Netflix is one of the most popular on-demand streaming services available in different countries around the globe. It provides a diverse range of international and regional content when it comes to TV shows and movies. It also produces its films and series marketed under the “Netflix Original” content. Netflix provides content in different resolutions all the way up to 4K UHD. It enables you to bring the best out of your high-resolution TVs, monitors, and projectors.

Watching your favorite Netflix movies and shows on a projector allows you to immerse yourself in a cinematic experience. It is a great option for users who have home theater projectors. Here are a few ways you can play Netflix movies on a projector.

Smart Projectors

Smart projectors provide a great way to play Netflix movies on a projector. A Smart projector is an intelligent device that has a dedicated processor, RAM, and storage. It comes with a small LED for projecting images on the wall for casual viewing. It has an inbuilt operating system like the Android OS which allows users to install supported applications from the Play Store. You can install the Netflix application on the smart projector and watch movies and shows on it. The projectors may even have inbuilt speakers and a rechargeable battery enabling you to watch Netflix movies and shows on the large screen anytime and anywhere. Smart Projectors are available from different brands and come with varying features.

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Connect your non-smart projector to the following devices that can stream Netflix movies.

PCs & Laptops

One of the easiest ways for watching Netflix movies on the projector screen is by connecting your computer or laptop to a projector. You can choose the projector as the display device via the display settings option in the operating system on the laptop or computer. Once the projector has been configured, you may visit the Netflix website and login to your account for watching movies or TV shows.

Apple TV

If you own an Apple TV connected to a projector, then you can easily play Netflix movies on a projector. The Netflix application is available on the App Store which can be accessed via the home screen. You can install the application on your Apple TV and login to your account. Netflix will show you a list of all the popular movies and shows available, and you can choose one of them for watching. You can also search for a movie or show if it is not listed. The Netflix application is available on Apple TV 2 and later models. An Apple TV will work with Netflix in all countries where Netflix provides services. A few older versions of Apple TVs may require you to set them up on Netflix’s website. Some Apple TVs may only work in the country where you bought them.

Apple TV

Blue-Ray Players and Home Theatres

Many blue-ray players and home theatres available from different brands come with inbuilt Netflix streaming functionality. Users can browse the menu of their players and home theatres and sign in to their Netflix accounts. These players and home theatre devices can be connected to a projector for playing the movies and shows. Blue-ray players and home theatres from LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony are a few models that support Netflix streaming.

Game Consoles

If you own a gaming console that is hooked up to a projector, then you already have the setup required for playing Netflix movies on a projector. Gaming consoles from different manufacturers including Xbox 360 and Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 allow users to install the Netflix application on the console. Users can sign in to their accounts once they have installed the application and watch their favorite movies and TV shows.

Mobile Phones

Don’t have a laptop, console or any other device that can connect to your projector? Your smartphone is more than adequate for playing Netflix movies on a projector. Majority of the modern smartphones and tablets can be connected to a projector via an HDMI adapter. You can buy such an adapter and connect it to a projector for playing Netflix movies and shows. The Netflix application is available for Android as well as iOS devices and users can install it on their phone for watching movies and shows via the projector.

Some of the modern mobile phones even come with inbuilt LED Pico projectors that are ideal for casual viewing. Users can point their mobile phones at a wall and use the inbuilt projector for playing movies via the Netflix application on their phone.

Chromecast Devices

Another way to play Netflix movies on a projector is by using Chromecast devices. A Chromecast device allows you to stream content using Google applications or the Chrome web browser. The Chromecast device can be plugged into the HDMI port of the projector and can be controlled via Android or iOS devices or from a computer having the Chrome browser with the Google Cast extension. The Chromecasts can support a resolution of up to 1080p while the Chromecast Ultras are capable of displaying Netflix movies and shows in 4K resolution. Chromecast devices can also be connected to TVs, monitors and other display devices.

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